Who we are?

The Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG (SCM) is a non-profit organisation that offers its services in the field of marketing and communication to all the different parties involved in cheeses from Switzerland. It provides synergetic, operative and efficient consumer marketing for cheeses from Switzerland. SCM operates in Switzerland as well as in the main export markets of Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the Benelux countries, where it has subsidiaries and specialist teams. Its head office is located in Bern. Our experienced team makes a substantial contribution to positive sales promotion of cheeses from Switzerland by combining the strengths of all the parties involved in the industry, through the use of sound market knowledge and local presence. The SCM is committed to being a neutral, all-embracing centre representing the entire cheese industry.


All SCM’s activities are based on a clearly defined, heavily consumer-oriented strategy. Our intended aim, i.e. communication, relies on creating an appealing, durable, independent image for cheese from Switzerland. As well as convincing people that they should taste the cheeses from Switzerland, this image should permanently establish the idea in the minds of consumers that the best cheese comes from Switzerland. This is achieved through vigorous emphasis of the core values of cheeses from Switzerland. Alongside tradition, authenticity, naturalness and artisanry, these values include the original Swiss provenance of cheese as well as its unique taste! SCM supports basic communications measures concerning cheeses from Switzerland in general as well as communication specific to particular cheese varieties.