Tilsiter Switzerland

A strong lable

Swiss emigrants have spread the art of cheesemaking to many other countries. To former East Prussia for instance, that is today part of Russia. Otto Wartmann, who originally came from Thurgau, returned home from a little town called Tilsit in East Prussia in 1893.

In his coat pocket, he brought with him a recipe for cheese, which he then gradually perfected in the pretty town of Bissegg in Thurgau. And he cultivated the art of cheesemaking with entirely new quality standards. Swiss Tilsiter had finally come home.
Fresh milk, standardised procedures, consistent checks – these are the ingredients for perfect Tilsiter Switzerland.

But when it comes to producing Tilsiter, quality is above all a matter of enjoyment and love. For cheesemaking is an art. And love is essential to art just as milk is essential to cheesemaking.

Tilsiter Switzerland has existed since as early as1893. The recipe remains unchanged, and so does the challenge: producing a cheese that will inspire consumers afresh day after day.

Recipes using this cheese