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Cheese with mousse of dried fruits

Cheese with mousse of dried fruits


serves eight
100 g of stoned, dried plums
150 g of dried pears
0,75 dl of whipped cream
50 g of chopped walnuts
1 tablespoon of red port

8-16 scrolls of Hobelkäse (hard cheese)
8-16 rosettes of Tête-de-Moine

chopped walnuts for sprinkling on


1 For the mousse: cover the dried fruit with water and soak overnight. Pour off the water and puree the fruit.
2 Stir the cream and the walnuts into the dried fruit mix, flavour with port and mace and leave to cool for two hours in the fridge.
3 Pour the mousse into small dishes, serve on plates with cheese and sprinkled walnuts.


A spicy Gruyère or Sbrinz chips also go well with the mousse

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