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Fennel Salad with Gruyère AOP

Fennel Salad with Gruyère AOP


Serves 4
250 g Cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 fennel cut in strips
3 chicories cut in strips
3 red chicories cut in strips
1 tablespoon lemon juice
salt, pepper

Garniture :
100 g Gruyère AOP 10 months, cut in strips
a handful cress
une poignée de cresson de fontaine

Mustard dressing:
2 tablespoons mustard
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1/2 garlic clove, crushed
2 tablespoon olive oil

Time required: 30 minutes


Pre-heat the oven to 225°C.
Mustard dressing: in a container, mix mustard, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. Keep aside. In another container, mix Cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. Spread on the baking tray covered with a baking sheet. Let roast for 7 to 10 minutes. Keep aside.
In a container, mix fennel and chicories with the lemon juince. Spread fennel, chicories and tomatoes on the plates. Coat with mustard dressing. Decorate with Gruyère AOP strips and cress.

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D’après une idée de Gerrit Mathys, Mechelen

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