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There is always plenty for groups, individual visitors and families from Switzerland and abroad to see and experience in Swiss show dairies.
Cheese of course plays an important part in a visit to a show dairy. Time and time again, visitors of all ages are amazed to see how authentic Emmentaler AOP, Appenzeller®, Gruyère AOP or Raclette cheese are produced, tended to and looked after. Who would have thought that cheese was made up of so much artisanry, knowledge, commitment and love?

However, cheese alone does not make for an unforgettable excursion. The really exciting part of the visit is what is going on around and about the dairy such as culinary highlights, individual entertainment programmes and events organised locally, ranging from a ride in a carriage, gold mining, trying out an electric bike or going for a stroll in the picturesque surrounding area.

Emmentaler Show Dairy:

Appenzeller Show Dairy:

Le Gruyère AOP Show Dairy:

•    La Maison du Gruyère:
•    Fromagerie Les Martel:

Show Dairy Monastery Engelberg: www.schaukaeserei-engelberg.

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