Alpine cheeses and local cheese specialities
Alpine cheeses and local cheese specialities

Swiss alp cheese and specialities

Swiss Alpine cheese is only produced in the summer months, directly in Alpine dairies. The milk used comes from cows that spend the summer up on the Alps. In a world full of traditions, artisanry and nature, a unique product is made: aromatic Swiss Alpine cheese that is beyond comparison.
Swiss Alpine cheese does not refer to a single uniform product, but to a whole range of regional Alpine cheese specialities. Each Alpine cheese has at least as much individual character as the Alpine cheesemaker that produces it.
Even the milk from each individual region has its own typical, aromatic taste. This comes from the strong Alpine herbs that grow differently in each area. The wood fire over which the raw milk is generally heated up also gives varying hints to the taste of an Alpine cheese, as does the particular style of the Alpine cheesemaker who has produced it.

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