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Tomme Vaudoise

The delicate flower from West Switzerland.

The Tomme Vaudoise is a soft cheese speciality from the Vaud and the Geneva region. Cheese connoisseurs treasure the rounded, mild flavour of the young cheese and the distinctive, rustic taste of the matured Tomme. It has a very soft rind covered with white or red mould and a creamy consistency. Tomme Vaudoise will enhance any cheeseboard and also makes a great dessert or a complete meal, for example with vegetables or a salad. Tomme Vaudoise is also available with caraway.

Tomme Vaudoise

Tomme Vaudoise – the fine, delicate and creamy soft cheese speciality from Western Switzerland tastes good whatever the occasion.

Tomme Vaudoise
Val d’Arve
Ch. Des Aulx 6

1211 Genève 26
phone: + 41 (0) 22 884 82 00
fax: +41 (0) 22 884 81 79

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