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Learn how to cut cheese the right way

Every type of Swiss cheese should be cut open with the right tools according to size, shape and texture. This is the only way to achieve visually attractive pieces of cheese that look great on your cheeseboard - without any waste.

flag and cheese

Big round loaves

1. First cut the wheel in half and then into quarters.

2. Score a groove beforehand with the bark cutter.

3. Lay on cheese wire and pull it evenly through the cheese for a smooth cut. Tip: Place a small square piece of wood or a knife handle under the loaf so the wire doesn't drag on the table.

4. The cheese spade, the cheese wire or the double-handled knife can be used for further dividing.

5. According to the pattern of the quarter wheel, first on the right and left - depending on the size of thewheel - e.g.  cut off two straight pieces of bar.

6. Then cut off the tip to create a piece with a basic triangular shape. Cut more slices from the remaining cheese.

Alternatively: The wheels can also first be divided into eight and then cut into pieces.


Small to medium sized round wheels

1. Halve the wheel with a double-handled knife and then quarter them. The resistance to slicing decreases when the loaf is placed on end.

Tip: First score the foil loaf labels with a knife so that it doesn't get drawn into the cheese dough.

2. Cut the quarter wheel into equal pie pieces

Cheese Blocks

square block of cheese

Depending on the size, cut the cheese block into salable pieces with the double-handled knife.

The cheese spade can be used with Sbrinz AOP.

Hygiene tips


From a hygiene point of view, the cutting tools and boards must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned and then dried.

With knives that are used to cut different soft cheeses, it is important to ensure that you use a separate knife for white, blue or red cheese. This is necessary so that no foreign mold cultures can affect the cheese.

It is therefore advisable to use knives with different colored handles . This minimizes the risk of confusion.

The handles of the cheese knives should be made of plastic or steel, as these materials are easier to clean than wood.


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