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Diets: Disentangling the true from the false

Many people find themselves too fat when they are not. A boon for the slimming industry, which has found a lucrative market there.

Diets are not recommended in principle and very rarely achieve the desired results. To ensure a healthy weight and feel good in your sneakers, it is necessary to change your eating and exercise habits, so that they are in line with daily activities and can be adjusted and established for the long term. A lot of motivation is needed, as well as a lot of discipline and perseverance. It is therefore crucial to make the necessary adjustments at a time when sufficient time and mental resources are available. From a purely theoretical point of view, the calculation is simple: to lose pounds and maintain weight, you must ingest less energy (calories) than the body consumes. This is called a negative energy balance. Any diet that focuses on reduced energy intake (i.e. fewer calories) will pay off, at least in the short term. At the end of the weight loss phase, to stabilize the weight reached, the calorie intake must correspond to the energy consumption (balanced energy balance).

In practice, however, it is not that simple. Often, diets are abandoned prematurely or the pounds are regained as quickly as they were lost. The following diet changes can help with weight loss. <br/> <br/> Limit your intake of sugary drinks. These contain very large amounts of sugar and have no satiating effect, nor do they provide useful nutrients to the body. Moderate Your Alcohol Consumption: Highly calorie-dense alcoholic beverages often prevent weight loss - at least when consumed in large amounts. Watch out for snacking: how often do you eat during the day? It is usually not necessary to eat more than three to five meals per day. However, we tend to snack throughout the day. Enjoy your meal and pay attention to the feeling of fullness. Most of the time, we eat out of habit until our plate is empty. What is more quickly, when it takes a good half an hour before feeling satiety. Try to increase your daily physical activity: take the stairs instead of the elevator or take an evening walk. It will also help clear your head.

Diets and Cheeses from Switzerland

Cheese is often banned in diets. Yet, it is an important source of protein and calcium and should be consumed regularly. Cheese lovers know, however, that it is also a source of fat; it is therefore essential to know the different contents.

Cottage cheese, semi-fat or quarter-fat cheese (max. 30% fat), goat cheese or schabziger are good alternatives to fatty cheese.

Source of information: Swiss Nutrition Society SSN

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