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Only natural ingredients.

Swiss cheese is synonymous with naturalness: from high-quality Swiss milk to rennet and bacterial cultures. Throughout the manufacturing process until maturing (care and maturation). Questions about E codes, preservatives or flavor enhancers are simply not relevant - Swiss cheese is nature.

High quality Swiss milk

Several arguments plead in favor of Swiss milk: the grassland tradition of Switzerland, quality food, strict legislation on animal welfare and independent controls. It is therefore not for nothing that Swiss milk is over­ named "white gold"!

Unique raw materials

The menu for Swiss cows varies according to the season and the direction of production. As often as possible, they graze the fresh grass of the pastures. This feed is supplemented by hay, silage or even concentrates. For the preparation of raw milk cheese, such as Emmentaler AOP, no addition of silage can be tolerated.

No additives

Swiss cheese is a symbol of pleasure without additives. It is moreover ­lon­tai­re­mently that the Swiss cold branch renounces co­lo­rants and conservative agents, even when these are legacy. ­le­ment authorized.

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