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All over the world, Swiss cheese is synonymous with high quality.

Swiss cheese is appreciated all over the world. For its unique taste and its undeniable qualities. This is only possible thanks to know-how and passion, but also thanks to strict regulations, guidelines and controls. Swiss cheese is just like Swiss watches, precise and reliable.

Strict laws and ordinances

The Swiss law on food specifies, in particular, the requirements applicable to food of animal origin. male and governs the eti­que­tage.
In addition, there are environmental and hygiene requirements as well as internal directives within the branch.

Voluntary declaration of renunciation

Ripened Swiss cheese must not contain any additives, even if the law allows it. This requirement is fixed in the voluntary declaration of renunciation, a sort of code of honor for the Swiss cheese maker.

Strict and comprehensive controls

Independent control bodies are responsible, at each level, for ensuring that everything is done correctly. From the production of the raw material through the production and up to the perfect maturation. Many varieties are also subject to a taxation in which the appearance, the hole formation, the quality of the dough and the taste are evaluated.

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