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Berries and Cheeses from Switzerland

Symbolizing the return to warmer days, berries are not only delicious, they have great nutritional qualities!

Red fruits only contain good things! They are low in calories (31.1 kcal / 100g) and contain many nutrients that are good for health. Potassium and vitamin C help keep fit and help fight cell aging, as do the polyphenols (vitamin P) they contain in quantity. With red fruits, you keep the figure, a radiant skin and you indulge yourself in good conscience!

How to choose them well and know how to preserve them?

Choose strawberries that are firm, shiny and of a uniform red (or pinkish) color with a bright green rim. Smell them, they must smell good. Do not choose fruits with a slightly bland color: they will not ripen in your home!
The raspberries should smell good, be a nice color, with a somewhat firm flesh and be free from mold.
Choose cherries according to your taste, from sweet to tart. For a sweet taste and juicy flesh, opt for the guigne or bigarreau varieties. For a more tangy flavor, choose sour cherries or Montmorency
Select currants that are shiny and have a nice, even color. Depending on your taste, opt for the tangy red currants, or the sweeter white ones.

When buying your berries, always check the underside of the tray in which they are sold. If they are damaged, you will see it immediately.

And place them on top of your basket so they get damaged!

Dare to combine original taste

  • For a berry dessert, you can reveal the tangy taste of blackcurrant and currants with strips of Swiss Emmentaler PDO.
  • With Charlotte or Ciflorette strawberries, a turn of the pepper mill and a Gruyère d'Alpage AOP.
  • As a coulis on a fruit salad. Mix 3 kinds of melon, yellow, orange, green and a watermelon, diced, add Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP detailed in thin slices, top with a raspberry coulis and garnish with chopped mint.
  • In a strawberry and rhubarb compote, to be enjoyed with a beautiful Rosette of Tête de Moine PDO.
  • A fresh and refined starter, sliced ​​green or white melon, parma ham, raspberry, blackcurrant and a few cubes of Appenzeller® cheese. Add a drizzle of raspberry vinegar.
  • Accompany a small Tomme Vaudoise with a jelly of currants and fresh currants.
  • Black cherry or blueberry jam and Etivaz AOP, it's a marvel of sensations!
  • On a skewer: raw ham, large strawberries, diced Swiss PDO Gruyère, cherries, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
  • In appetizer bites, nuts, raspberry jelly, shavings of Sbrinz AOP.
  • A successful marriage: the sweetness of Vacherin Mont d´Or AOP and the acidity of redcurrants.
  • The blackcurrant goes wonderfully with the little Tomme Vaudoise.
  • With the Swiss Raclette®, blueberries or cranberries, a subtle combination reminiscent of mountain pastures.


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