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Specialty Breads and Cheeses from Switzerland

When tasting cheese, bread is often relegated to the background, afte wine. However, it would be a shame to be satisfied with a simple baguette when you can push the envelope to perfection and excel the flavors of the cheese.

Today, bakeries offer a wide range of breads, made from different flours and garnished with various ingredients. From large country bread to rye pie, from dried fruit bread to gingerbread, from Viennese bread to fougasse, the choice is there. One only has to make the right pairing. There are two important decisions to make: either we stay in the same intensity as the cheese with a bread that will complement its flavors; or we will put everything in contrast. The main thing is the harmony between bread and cheese: one should not overwhelm the flavors of the other.

Know how to choose your bread

You can learn a lot from just looking at fresh bread. The crust must be well colored, caramel color: the more it is, the more aromas it will have. The inside must be soft and honeycombed.

Choosing your bread is a question of balanced textures but also a question of taste. Bread is essential for the cheese board, so it is good to offer several choices. For a tasting don't hesitate to offer several different types of breads.

Lightly toasted gingerbread, we balance butter-honey notes with an Appenzeller®.

Bread with cereals and Le Gruyère AOP Classic, a subtle alliance.

Rye bread, typical bread that enhances the floral notes of Le Gruyère AOP d´Alpage.

Rye bread with nuts, with an Etivaz AOP. We have the bitterness of rye with buttery notes of nuts and we finish with a salty side at the end of the palate.

Pumpkin seed bread, it will subtly respond to the power of Sbrinz AOP.

A Swiss PDO Emmentaler goes easily with cumin bread that harmonizes with the floral notes of this long-lasting cheese.

Black Bread and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, a combination to die for!

Corn bread and Tomme Vaudoise. It is a real delight with the softness and creaminess of this little cheese with a bloomy rind.

Brioche bread and Appenzeller®. The touch of sweetness of the bread will echo the aromatic power of this cheese.

White bread, the famous baguette! The baguette is often considered to be the essential ally of full-bodied cheeses. The sweet flavor and crispy crust of the baguette will bring out the powerful and intense taste of a Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP.

Country bread, a bread that does not denature the cheese. We have a perfect creaminess with a delicate bitterness that will accompany the flavor of a Vacherin Mont d´Or AOP cooked in its box.

Raisin and hazelnut fruit bread, with the subtle Rosettes of Tête de Moine PDO, a delicious combination!

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