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Truffle and Cheeses from Switzerland

A mixture of subtlety of perfume and flavors, a delight for the taste buds! Discover our gourmet and surprising paiting combining truffles and Swiss Cheeses.

The truffle, an exceptional product

The truffle is the most sought after mushroom! Or rather the "fruit" of a mushroom, which has entered into symbiosis with certain trees, such as beeches, chestnuts or hazelnuts. This is why it is found exclusively in the forest. It can be black, white or gray. Traditionally, truffle seekers use truffle dogs, for their sense of smell… Or truffle pigs, which love them… Or even certain flies, which naturally deposit their eggs there.

France, Spain and Italy are the top 3 producers in the world. France does not produce enough and when we lack it, the truffles pass the Alps or the Pyrenees without problem.

The harvest of black truffles is done from November to March, the best being harvested in January and February if the frost does not disturb the harvest. A good quality truffle should be round and in one piece. It does not mature until after the first frost.

Varieties of truffles

While there are hundreds of varieties of truffles, only 6 are truly gourmet. The most expensive and sought after are white truffles from the Alba region in Italy (they are also found in Croatia). Not far behind are the black Périgord truffles, which can be found in many regions of southern France, such as the Balkans, Morocco and Spain. Brumale or musky truffles, also black, with a scent of rave nuanced with garlic and a very peppery taste, are found in Provence. The Burgundy (or Champagne) truffle, the first to be appreciated in France, is white, it has a fairly pronounced taste. It is the most common in Europe. The aestium or Mayenque truffle is similar to the latter, while having a more subtle flavor of forest mushroom. Finally, the Lorraine truffle gives off a pleasant smell of liquorice and almond. Its powerful flavor is its success.

Gourmet and surprising pairings

  • With white truffles cut into very thin slices, serve a Swiss Alpage Gruyère AOP.
  • With black Périgord truffles cut into strips, serve Sbrinz AOP.
  • On a warm potato salad, place thin strips of fresh black truffles and finish with strips of Sbrinz AOP.
  • In a Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP fondue, add black truffle chips, a fondue with a particularly subtle taste.
  • On a Swiss PDO Emmentaler cream (made with eggs, crème fraîche and grated Swiss PDO Emmentaler), remove from the oven, before serving, slices of fresh black truffle.
  • On a risotto, add small pieces of black truffle to each plate and finish with a Rosette de Tête de Moine PDO. On fried eggs, place slices of white truffle and sprinkle with grated Swiss Gruyère AOP.
  • Serve tagliatelle or spaghetti with a creamy sauce, black truffle chips, and grated Appenzeller®.
  • Luxury hamburger! In your hamburger bun, on a grilled hamburger, place melted Raclette du Valais PDO, a fried egg, slices of truffle and finish with a creamy wine sauce, serve with slices of roasted apple.

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