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Winter Vegetables with Cheeses from Switzerland

The kitchen is going green!

Cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard, leeks and fennel… Winter vegetables are adorned with white and green on market stalls, to be enjoyed before the arrival of spring vegetables. 

Swiss chard, white stems and green leaves

Very low in calories, rich in minerals, fibers and trace elements, chard (or chard) is also diuretic, emollient, tonic and refreshing. White ribs and green leaves are eaten together or separately. They are delicious as a gratin.


Chinese cabbage

The "pe-tsaï" or "Peking cabbage" is low in calories and rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A, C and K. More digestible than green cabbage, low in calories, it is eaten as well raw as cooked, for example stir-fry with chicken.



Cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous family, like cabbages. Low in energy, very rich in vitamin C (especially consumed raw), it provides fibers and minerals. Everything is eaten: the flower of course, but also the heart and the leaves. The latest trend is to enjoy it roasted in the oven, with a little oil and curry.


The fibers in leek reduce the rate of absorption of food in the digestive system and lead harmful substances out of the body. Low in calories, it is rich in vitamins C and E, provitamin A, potassium and fiber. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium and various trace elements.


Rich in fiber, vitamins (C, E, B9) and minerals, fennel is an extraordinary healthy vegetable that strengthens the immune system, protects against cardiovascular diseases, fights bad cholesterol, facilitates intestinal transit. Its action is enhanced if consumed with meat or fish, which it accompanies wonderfully.

Winter Vegetables with Swiss cheese

  • Chinese cabbage salad with sesame and Swiss Gruyère AOP, and smoked salmon
  • Chinese cabbage stir-fry with bacon and Tête de Moine PDO
  • Chard and Appenzeller® gratin
  • Swiss chard leaf pesto and Swiss PDO Gruyère
  • Swiss chard flan and Swiss PDO Emmentaler
  • Cauliflower and Sbrinz AOP gratin
  • Cauliflower velouté with cumin, onions and Swiss Raclette®
  • Cauliflower flower soup, ginger, lentils, chives and Rosettes of Tête de Moine PDO
  • Risotto with leeks, smoked salmon and Etivaz AOP
  • Leek fondue with salmon and Sbrinz PDO
  • Leek and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP quiche
  • Cod fillet with fennel and Rosettes of Tête de Moine PDO
  • Sautéed fennel with orange and Appenzeller®
  • Fennel velouté and Swiss Gruyère AOP
  • Raw fennel salad, sour apple and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP
  • Fennel risotto and Swiss PDO Emmentaler

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