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A Tour of Switzerland - Emmentaler AOP and the Valley of the Emme

The Emme Valley, in the Heart of Switzerland

The Emme valley, located east of the city of Bern, capital of the canton, owes its name to the Emme river, which crosses peacefully the bucolic hilly landscapes of the canton of Bern. the Pre-Alps of the Bernese Oberland. The river has patiently and deeply carved its bed, shaping swamps where cows graze a particularly aromatic herb that is found in Swiss Emmentaler AOP.

The canton of Bern is located in the heart of Switzerland, straddling the German-speaking and French-speaking cultural areas. It thus plays a key role of cultural broker, which is one of the reasons why Bern, the federal capital, is the political center of the country. One in seven Swiss lives in the canton of Bern. Second canton of Switzerland in demographic terms, after Zurich, Bern also ranks second in size, after Graubünden, and it shares its borders with no less than eleven cantons.

Bern - the best preserved Medieval City in Switzerland

The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Founded in 1191, it has 4 miles of arbor arcades, one of the longest covered shopping walks in Europe. The city’s medieval atmosphere with its many fountains, sandstone facades, alleys and historic towers is fascinating. The prettiest views of the old town surrounded by the Aare are from the rose garden perched above the Bear Pit and the 333 ft tower platform of the cathedral. The old ramparts and bastions descend steeply to the river. The shops, bars and theaters of the old town, partly housed in vaulted cellars, as well as the terraces of small cafes attract both Bernese and tourists.

Swiss Emmentaler AOP

Everything must be perfect for a Swiss AOP Emmentaler

The Swiss Emmentaler AOP is made to this day according to a traditional artisanal process and according to the original recipe by experienced master cheesemakers. No artificial additives are added, everything is natural!

On each wheel, the cheese factory affixes a number that identifies it, which allows exclusive traceability.

It takes infinite patience for a Swiss AOP Emmentaler

The King of Cheeses ripens naturally in aging cellars for at least 120 days. It is when it matures that its typical holes form. The temperature in the fermentation cellar triggers the appearance of carbon dioxide. The crust preventing the escape of this gas, it gradually accumulates in several places of the cheese and ends up creating the famous holes.

There are three types of Swiss Emmentaler AOP:

Emmentaler AOP Classic 

With a slight nutty taste, it is matured for 4 to 8 months.

Emmentaler AOP Réserve 

After 4 months, the best wheels are selected for the refining of Emmentaler AOC Réserve. A minimum maturing period of 8 months gives this cheese a more pronounced taste.

Emmentaler AOP Cave Aged ou « Hölengereift » 

After 12 months of aging, 6 of which spent in caves carved out of molasse (soft sandstone), it can be recognized by the marbled black-brown patina of its rind, due to its long exposure to the humid and cool ambient air. It offers an incomparable nutty aroma and a quite surprising delicacy.

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