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A Tour of Switzerland - The Vacherin Mont d´Or AOP and the Canton of Vaud

The Canton of Vaud, between Lakes and Vineyards

A land of sun and mountains, lakes and vineyards, the canton of Vaud is a mainly rural region. Rich with three lakes, wide plateaus and well-exposed hillsides, it has all the assets for gourmet cuisine! To be savored during walks, in small, typical and welcoming inns in the heart of the vineyards.

Around Lake Geneva with sparkling waters, many lively towns and superb wine-growing villages alternate. Castles, picturesque villages, fortified hamlets: a country between dream and reality. On the highlands alternate wheat fields and farming villages. To the north emerges the Jura, where heaven and earth meet, creating by their union, space for the soul. In the Vallée de Joux, nature has retained all its rights. To the east, in the Vaudois Alps, it is the mountains that require admiration: mountain pastures, summits and glaciers; chalets, herds of cows and sunny balconies for rest and sporting pleasures. The capital, Lausanne, occupies the prettiest site with a view of the Alps, by the lake.

Three Lakes for one Township

The Vaudois are proud of the three lakes which border the territory of the canton. To the south, Lake Geneva attracts thousands of tourists and boaters every year. On the peaceful shores of the lake, the very romantic Château de Chillon, immortalized by Rousseau in La Nouvelle Héloïse, visited by Hugo, Lord Byron, and painted by Courbet is worth a visit.

To the north, Lake Neuchâtel was also described by Rousseau in Les Rêveries d'un walker solitaire. Right next to the latter, you can finally discover the smaller lake of Murten, overlooked by the town of the same name, which has preserved its medieval architecture (castle, ramparts, picturesque alleys ...)

The Magnificent Vaud Riviera

They came, they saw, they stayed: Courbet, Kokoschka, Charlie Chaplin and many others, before them and after them. It is natural, as the Vaudois Riviera harmoniously combines a magnificent view of the Alps and an almost southern softness! The hillsides covered with vines join the shore of the lake.

The Vaudois Riviera stretches from Vevey to Villeneuve, along Lake Geneva. Montreux attracts tourists, who appreciate its magnificent panorama over the entrance to the Rhône valley, for its southern mildness, but also for its astonishing cultural programming (music, dance shows, operas and museums).

Gourmet specialties with a taste of the land ... and fine dinning

Do not miss the delicate and delicious freshwater fish, the tasty wines, the Neuchâtel sausage cooked in the embers, the "green fairy" or absinthe ... while crossing the many small picturesque villages which have kept their authenticity in an intact and generous nature. . The canton of Vaud also offers visitors exceptional restaurants.

In Les Diablerets, the Glacier 3000, by the famous Italian architect Mario Botta, perched on a glacier at 10,000 ft, offers an exceptional setting for press conferences, incentives and other events. In Leysin, the revolving restaurant Kulkos, located at 6,500 ft, offers an exceptional panorama: it rotates in 1 hour and a half, passing from Lake Geneva, to the Vaud Riviera, the Jura, the Rhone valley, and all mythical peaks of the Alps, Mont-Blanc, Dents du Midi, the Matterhorn ...

Vacherin Mont d'OR AOP

Swiss delicacies

Only produced in winter since the 19th century, this pure local product is matured in a spruce box for more than 4 weeks, which gives it a flavor marked with a slight note of tannin. The most original of Swiss cheeses has a very prominent place in cheese gastronomy.

With a spoon

Creamy and generous, Vacherin Mont d´Or AOP can be eaten with a spoon, spread on a slice of toasted country bread or on potatoes in field dresses! Produced by only 6 cheese makers, who deliver their cheeses to 2 refiners, Vacherin Mont d´Or AOP offers an exceptional gourmet experience!

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