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A Tour of Switzerland - Tilsiter and the Canton of Thurgau

The Romantic Canton of Thurgau

Entered into the Swiss Confederation in 1798, the canton of Thurgau, located at the north-eastern end of Switzerland, offers magnificent bucolic and green landscapes, deliciously romantic. Charming traditional villages and small isolated castles dot unspoiled landscapes and wild forests alongside the many orchards and vineyards of the region. Each year, the canton welcomes thousands of tourists who love both nature and cultural holidays.

The land of castles

In Thurgau, many castles and fortifications are worth a look. There is of course Arenenberg Castle, built in the 16th century and famous for being the last home of Queen Hortense, daughter of Empress Josephine and wife of Bonaparte's brother. It now houses a Napoleon museum. From the queen's pavilion you can contemplate the pretty town of Constance by the water. The queen claimed that nowhere in the world could you see a more beautiful landscape. In Gottlieben, the smallest municipality in Switzerland with less than 400 inhabitants, you can discover a castle which dates from 1251, it originally served as a residence for the bishops of the region. The opportunity to taste the famous local specialty: Gottlieber Hüppen, delicious sweets filled with praline and nougat whose reputation extends far beyond the borders of the canton.

Lake Constance, a Mecca of European culture

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Europe. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age thanks to houses on stilts, reconstructions of which can be admired on its northwestern shore. It has been so named in French since the 18th century, after the town of Constance that it borders, but it has been known by various names for centuries. He is thus quoted by Pliny the Elder from the 1st century! It was on its shores that the famous Council of Constance (1414-1418) took place, which aimed to bring order to the Church, which then numbered no less than 3 popes!

Located on the border of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, the lake is crossed by numerous line boats which allow visits to the three countries. On the Swiss shore to the southwest, the cities of Romanshorn, Arbon and Rorschach, with their beautiful old towns, as well as the picturesque villages of the Untersee (the lower lake) such as Gottlieben, Ermatingen and Stein am Rhein are worth a visit. !

Tilsiter, Swiss cheese with a Prussian accent

It is the most atypical of Swiss cheese since it comes from ... Prussia. It was in Tilsit that Otto Wartmann, a Thurgauer in search of new production methods, found the recipe, which he brought back in his coat pocket and adapted to Swiss traditions. The Tilsiter is enjoying growing success thanks to its delicious, tender and creamy paste and its slightly fruity taste. Ripening from 1 to 6 months.

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