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Switzerland, the cheese country: variety and authenticity

Unique taste, the highest quality and surprising variety: that’s cheese from Switzerland



Over 700 varieties of cheese are produced in Switzerland. 

They differ in particular according to 

  • the milk used 

  • the fat content 

  • the coagulation 

  • the water content 

  • the maturing 

  • the flavour 

This variety is created thanks to 

  • different production processes 

  • the different types of maturation and storage 

  • the various ingredients (pepper, caraway, herbs, wild garlic, etc.) 

  • as well as a wide range of traditional, regional specialities. 

Regional and taste variety

National varieties (such as Sbrinz AOP or Vacherin Mont d'Or AOP) are organised in variety organisations. They must comply with the relevant variety regulations. There are also many regional cheeses and specialities. 

Most cheeses are available throughout the year. Some varieties are only available seasonally, for example Vacherin Mont d'Or AOP (end of September to April) or l'Etivaz AOP (May to October). 

Alpkäse is only produced during the alpine season, but is available throughout the year if it is a hard or semi-hard cheese. 

Cheeses with ingredients such as pepper, herbs etc. only have a small market share in Switzerland. They are mainly found in the fresh, soft or semi-hard cheese sector. 

The whole variety of cheese specialities can be found in the cheese finder in german, french or italian

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