There is no standardised Swiss Alpkäse; instead you can enjoy a whole range of regional alpine cheese specialities. Each Alpkäse has as much unique character as the alpine creameries that produce it. From the more than two-year-old Hobelkäse to hard and semi-hard cheeses to Mutschli and other cheese specialities.

Even the milk in the individual regions has its own, unique flavour owed to the strong alpine herbs that grow in the different areas. The wood fires generally used to heat up the unpasteurised milk and the flair of the alpine cheesemakers also lend the Alpkäse its unique flavour notes.

  • Alpkäse und Speziali­täten
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  • 3006 Bern

Switzerland has an infinite variety of regional Alpine cheeses and local cheese specialities. Find out more about them here.