Here in Grisons, we don’t keep it a secret: Bündner Bergkäse is made from pure, flavoursome mountain milk in alpine dairies lying some 1,000 metres above sea level.

Typical Grisons and anything but a secret: when nimble cows flummox ibex by taking the most delicious herbs from under their noses, the result is the best and nothing less – the finest Bündner Bergkäse! An earthy, natural original, which is made by hand in line with a tried-and-tested recipe in select alpine creameries 1,000 metres above sea level, but that only reveals its truly exceptional character after its journey into the valley and a maturation period of up to nine months.


Small companies from 30 valleys

Containing the very best that grows in the highlands of Grisons (or Graubünden) just once a year and that is contributed by traditional small companies from 30 valleys. As a result, Bündner Bergkäse is the crowning glory on any cheeseboard and will add a refreshing tangy flavour to any salad. When heated, it lends sauces, soufflés and gratins a hearty note. And, when served on stuffed or baked vegetables, it tastes as delicious as it does on all kinds of meat dishes.

The organisation of varieties into the Bündner Bergkäse structure has simplified matters and made labelling clearer. You can now find Bündner Bergkäse extra – the finest and most mature of the Bündner Bergkäse cheeses – with a gold label. The flavoursome Bündner Bergkäse has a red label; the mild version a yellow label; and the half-fat or quarter-fat versions come with a blue or green label respectively.

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Mountain air and the herbal and floral meadows make the milk in Grisons extremely flavoursome. The cheese owes its fine yet flavoursome taste to this speciality.