Appenzeller® Fondue

For an intense and rich fondue experience:

Appenzeller® Fondue is the essential ingredient for a cozy winter evening spent with family and friends. Made from the very best Appenzeller® cheese, Appenzeller® Fondue is incredibly aromatic and a real delicacy. Its unmistakably unique taste really makes it stand out from the crowd.


Type of cheese Semi-hard cheese
Milk processing Unpasteurised milk
Type of milk Cow’s milk
Full fat min. 45%
Lab-Type Animal rennet
Tolerability Lactosefree, Glutenfree
Taste Strong
Region Eastern Switzerland
Season all-season
Loaf 800 g

The mysterious herbal brine, with which each wheel is regularly rubbed by hand, makes it one of the most flavoursome cheeses in Switzerland.

  • Appenzeller®
  • Poststrasse 12

  • CH-9050 Appenzell