Appenzeller® Organic Dark Green Label

The organic Appenzeller® with a full bodied, aromatic twist:

The Bio Suisse label, indicating a product made in accordance with strict organic guidelines, instantly reveals that there is something special about this cheese. Appenzeller® Organic Dark Green Label is one of two cheeses in our selection made from purely organic cow's milk, produced by cows who are fed only on rich grass or hay from natural meadows. The cheese is regularly treated with the secret herbal brine during its maturation period of 4-5 months, allowing the flavours to unfold. For a natural enjoyment and a full-bodied taste.

Type of cheese Semi-hard cheese
Milk processing Unpasteurised milk
Type of milk Cow’s milk
Full fat min. 45%
Lab-Type Animal rennet
Tolerability Lactosefree, Glutenfree
Maturity 4-5 Month
Taste Strong
Labels Bio
Region Eastern Switzerland
Season all-season
Loaf 6.4-7.4 kg

The mysterious herbal brine, with which each wheel is regularly rubbed by hand, makes it one of the most flavoursome cheeses in Switzerland.

  • Appenzeller®
  • Poststrasse 12

  • CH-9050 Appenzell