Berner Alp-und Hobelkäse AOP

Berner Hobelkäse AOP

The smear is washed off the surface of the alpine cheese from Bernese Oberland when it is 5 to 7 months old. It then matures in a “Gaden” (storage room) at a temperature of approx. 12 degrees Celsius and a relative air humidity of 70% to 75% to become Berner Hobelkäse AOP. Its unique aroma is owed to the lush alpine meadows, the traditional production methods and the special storage.

Type of cheese Extra-hard cheese
Milk processing Unpasteurised milk
Type of milk Cow’s milk
Full fat min. 45%
Lab-Type Animal rennet
Tolerability Lactosefree, Glutenfree
Maturity 18 Month
Taste Strong
Labels AOP/IGP
Region Bern region
Season May-September
Loaf 4.5-16 kg

Berner Alpkäse AOP is made daily during the summer months using unpasteurised alpine milk.

  • Berner Alp-und Hobelkäse AOP
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    Sortenorganisation Berner Alp- und Hobelkäse AOP
    Inforama Berner Oberland
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