Emmentaler AOP

Emmentaler AOP Réserve

Emmentaler AOP Réserve is a cheese for connoisseurs. The first quality control sees suitable wheels being chosen for further maturation to achieve the Réserve quality. These wheels are matured for at least eight months and carefully treated in special maturation warehouses. They are matured at a temperature of 11 to 14 ºC and in an air humidity of over 90% (moist storage) to give them their strong flavour. Emmentaler AOP Réserve is also sold with other names referring to the length of the maturation period (e.g. Surchoix, Ripe, Mature,…).

Type of cheese Hard cheese
Milk processing Unpasteurised milk
Type of milk Cow’s milk
Full fat min. 45%
Lab-Type Animal rennet
Tolerability Lactosefree, Glutenfree
Maturity 8 Month
Taste Distincly tangy
Labels AOP/IGP
Region North-west Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland, Bern region, Central Switzerland
Season all-season
Loaf 75-120 kg

Taste some Emmentaler AOP and, instantly, you will know: this great, world-famous cheese speaks for itself. For Emmentaler AOP is indeed the king of cheeses.

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