The good Bud milk for the exquisite organic cheese comes from healthy animals only. The basis for this is animal-friendly husbandry and feeding. Because wherever the Bud’s on the outside, the Bud’s on the inside too. That’s why cows on Bio Suisse farms are fed at least 90 percent roughage – i.e. fresh grass, herbs and hay. The use of concentrated feed, such as cereals or soya, is currently limited to 10 percent, and from 2022 to no more than five percent. And all the feed comes from Switzerland.



Gentle processing

Cheese with the Bud is processed as gently as possible. The valuable raw materials retain their positive properties as a result – such as the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in organic milk. No additives or auxiliary substances are permissible. Bud products are GMO-free as a matter of principle. All this makes Bud products into a special taste experience – with a good conscience.

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