The taste of Switzerland since 1115

Connoisseurs and gourmets the world over are familiar with Le Gruyère AOP due to its typical, fine aroma. This popular hard cheese has been produced in the region around the small town of Gruyères in the Fribourg canton for several centuries. It is still produced in line with the traditional recipe in the village creameries of Western Switzerland to this day.

400 litres for one wheel

Around 400 litres of fresh, unpasteurised milk is required to produce one 35 kg wheel of cheese. The cows who supply this high-quality raw material feed on pasture grass during the summer months and are fed hay in the winter. No additional ingredients can be added to the cheese. The maturation period lasts several months. During this time, the wheels are turned several times and washed with brine. The moisture allows for the formation of a smear, which helps to ripen the cheese between the rind and the inside of the wheel. This in turn lends Le Gruyère AOP its unique flavour. The protected designation of origin (AOP, or PDO in English) guarantees that only Le Gruyère AOP is sold that fulfils strict quality requirements stipulated in the product specification.


All-round enjoyment

Le Gruyère AOP deserves a place on any cheeseboard. It can be enjoyed as a dessert or as a snack on crusty bread; or it can be used to make delicious warm dishes. And: Le Gruyère AOP also belongs in proper fondue. 

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Le Gruyère AOP production film

  • Le Gruyère AOP
  • Case postale 12
  • 1663 Pringy - Gruyères

Cheese lovers from across the world love Gruyère AOP with its strong, mature flavour – it is a masterpiece of Swiss cheesemaking.