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The extra-flavoursome, extra-hard cheese

Sbrinz AOP is a flavoursome, extra-hard cheese from central Switzerland that boasts a tradition dating back centuries. 26 select valley and alpine creameries produce it on a daily basis from top-quality unpasteurised milk, rennet and salt. Sbrinz AOP is a 100% natural product and is free from any additional ingredients. It is also stored in its region of origin. Sbrinz has been distinguished with the protected designation of origin “AOP” (Appellation d’Origine Protegée, PDO in English) since 2002. This guarantees that the only Sbrinz AOP that is sold fulfils the strict quality requirements of the product specification. 


Matured for at least 18 months

This flavoursome cheese from central Switzerland needs time to mature before it can be enjoyed – a lot of time. It takes at least 18 months to mature – and the longer it is given to mature, the more aromatic and flavoursome the taste.

Sbrinz AOP is the only cheese from Switzerland that can be enjoyed in three different ways: aged 18 months, it can be planed into thin rolls. When the 24-month-old cheese is broken into chunks, it will enhance any cheeseboard or appetizer. And, last but not least, grated Sbrinz AOP is just the ticket for a whole host of dishes. Sbrinz AOP is wonderfully versatile and always tastes great!

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Sbrinz AOP – no other cheese offers such versatility as this extra-hard cheese from Central Switzerland. It can be broken into chunks, planed into rolls or grated.