Warm cheese and potato salad dip

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serves 4


  • 1-2 finely chopped onions
  • butter for sautéing
  • 1 tsp of flour
  • 8 tbs of apple vinegar
  • 8 tbs of sunflower oil
  • salt and pepper
  • fresh, chopped herbs such as chives, parsley, dill, marjoram
  • 400 g of cheese (Tilsiter, Thurtaler, Amriswiler Wällechäs)
  • 1 kg of potatoes, boiled in their jackets

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  1. 1 For the sauce: sauté the onions in butter, sprinkle with flour and deglaze with the vinegar. Remove the pan from the heat and add the oil. Season with salt and pepper. Let the sauce cool and add the herbs. Serve in a small bowl.
  2. 2 Cut the cheese into sticks or edible-sized pieces and serve on a plate.
  3. 3 At table, dip the cheese and potatoes in the sauce.

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