Where should I keep cheese?

Cheese belongs in the fridge and the fridge temperature should not be higher than 5°C. The different temperature zones within a fridge ensure that all foods can enjoy optimum conditions. The ideal temperature for storing cheese is between 5°C and 10°C. As such, the best place to store cheese is in the central part of the fridge.  

Extra-hard cheese like Sbrinz AOP can even be stored in a cool, dark place up to 15 degrees. 

Make sure you remove the cheese from the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. This allows the natural flavours of the cheese to come to the fore – just like with wine.


What is the best way to wrap cheese?

Cheese purchased from a cheese counter or from a speciality cheesemonger is generally wrapped in cheese paper. This consists of two layers: a thin foil on the inside, which prevents the cheese from drying out but allows it to “breathe”, and a durable outer protective layer. Ideally, store your cheese at home wrapped in this cheese paper.

You can also wrap cheese in cling film. Ideally, make a few holes in the film, so the cheese receives some oxygen. 

Vacuum-packed cheeses should also be wrapped in cheese paper or cling film once opened. Soft cheese in wooden packaging can be stored in this packaging.

Do I need to throw away cheese if it has mould on it?

In principle, we differentiate between types of cheese with desired mould and mould that is caused by incorrect storage.

Mould on white and blue-veined cheese and other types of cheese is desired and is typical for these speciality cheeses.

In the case of hard cheese, mould can form on the surface of the cheese. If mould appears on the surface of cheese, it is advisable to cut off the cheese containing the mould.

In the case of cream cheese and soft cheeses, the undesired mould quickly penetrates the centre of the cheese. These products need to be thrown away.


How to avoid the smell of cheese spreading throughout your fridge.

If cheese is wrapped in foil or cheese paper, you should not experience any undesired smells. In the case of strong-smelling cheese, we recommend buying a storage container with a filter: this allows the cheese to “breathe” while preventing any unpleasant smells from escaping into your fridge. You can also get classic cheese covers to fit in your fridge.