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Soft cheese

Water content (WFF*)

Soft cheeses are generally made using pasteurised milk. With a water content of around 50%, they have a very short maturation period of just a few weeks. There are generally considered to be two different types of soft cheese.

Soft cheese with mould ripening (white-mould cheese):
Typical examples include Tomme Vaudoise and Swiss brie. The white rinds are generally eaten.

Smeared soft cheese:
During their maturation period, these soft cheeses are washed or smeared with brine, which lends them their brown rind. Vacherin Mont-d'Or AOP is an example of this type of cheese.

Soft cheeses can be used in both cold and warm dishes. They are also ideal as dessert cheeses. When wrapped up properly and stored in a cool place, they last for at least one week.

*Water content in the fat-free cheese mass

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